Our team works with an extended network of alliances in more than twenty countries and is equipped with extensive and diverse experience to provide a deep and holistic analytical approach to every project. Our Group has more than 15 years of experience in securing infrastructure projects in various regions worldwide. We believe that our outstanding abilities to allocate projects in emerging markets, but also our corporate values, maintain our exceptional reputation while ensuring we continue to meet the highest ethical standards in all of our vast business global activities.

Our philosophy begins with fostering a discrete and personal cooperation. With a solid foundation of collective trust and a fair approach to achieving mutual success, we work with our partners in each region to ensure stability and high-success rates by adjusting to local and emerging markets to achieve success. The Group offers an unparalleled understanding of the political and economic environments, which allows us to customize appropriate and creative solutions for each aspect of a project.

As we see our social responsibility having a major role in our success and we believe that contribution to society and culture is achieved through participation and appreciation for the arts, we encourage, via the M.T. Abraham Foundation, scholarships and research and organize international conferences and traveling exhibitions. While we proudly look at our Group’s achievements, we seek to further expand our activities, with greater contribution to society, which is inherent in our success as an enterprise.

15 years of experience